Surroundings Lab.
Exploring the values of surroundings by film.

Surroundings Lab is an online platform cluster of projects and people interested in the relations of film and surroundings. How state-of-the-art research, practice and teaching within architecture, landscape, film and related artistic disciplines explore characters and values of surroundings in, by and through film.

The film medium presents processes, time or sensory variations that may progressively qualify discussions of quality, characters or spatial atmospheres. The film medium can diminish our attention on objects and metrics, in architecture, landscape and the city, and increase the awareness of bodily, sensory and relational merits for defining our spatial surroundings.

Indirectly the film media instates a need for alternative media explorations that in its verbal, audiovisual and online communication move beyond previous forms of spatial representation and categorisation. Therefore the Surroundings Lab is a pilot network platform for new potential initiatives of theory and applied research as well as cross-disciplinary exhibitions, publications and initiatives on film and surroundings.

Surroundings Lab explores the values of surroundings as they are experienced and sensed in time, sound and movement by ordinary people, practitioners and professionals alike, through film. Through interdisciplinary publications, outreaching events and seminars, state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research is sought vividly disseminated within and outside the related disciplinary environments.

Surroundings lab is developed as an online learning laboratory facility and window for citizens and professionals on how the film media can assist in expressing tacit ambient values. How film may help express characteristics and qualities related to the ambient or the non-built, dynamic, void, sonic and relational space that defines cities and landscapes independently of metric, built and historic discourses of space.

Hereby, Surrounding lab also works as an open knowledge hub, a source of inspiration and a forum for interdisciplinary meetings. Surroundings lab invites other to join its community with projects and ideas. Surroundings Lab is to be an engagement platform and media window for the newest film-driven research, practices and learnings about surroundings. Please explore our community’s projects for inspiration.

Surroundings Lab is initiated by Mads Farsø in 2019 and operated by Landscape Architecture and Planning, at the University of Copenhagen. Please contact Director, Associate Professor Rikke Munck Petersen for questions of interest and sharing at or others members of our community.