(An)notations of the countryside.

Film workshop by Surroundings Lab and Kunsthalle Exnergasse, March 10th 2023 in Zukunftshof, Vienna, Austria.

Still from ‘Tussen de kassen’ by Corné Strootman (forthcoming)

Surroundings Lab, in collaboration with Kunsthalle Exnergasse (wuk.at), is hosting an informal workshop and screening at Zukunftshof that focuses on the cinematic exploration of "countryside" as critical engagement with rural landscape transformation. The collaborative format, which aims to invite more exchange, collaboration and experimentation, is aimed at landscape architects, architects, filmmakers, photographers, artists, archaeologists, writers and scientists, as well as anyone interested in the sensory experience of the ecological present, past and future of our environment.

Surroundings Lab is an open knowledge hub, a source of inspiration and a forum for interdisciplinary meetings. However, the global pandemic that followed shortly after the Surroundings Lab London seminar made it harder to share and discuss ongoing work.

This follow-up workshop aims to re-ignite the informal exchange of work and ideas within the Surroundings Lab.

The event focuses on (an)notations: Experiments of notation and the exploration of notational tools to document the values of landscapes as they are experienced and sensed in time, sound and movement and emerging through an act of curation. Annotations of interesting findings and concepts made in the margins of ongoing art projects, research papers, or design proposals. In short, the event intends to share ongoing work that can inspire and be enriched by the comments of peers.

More information to follow.