Konstkiosk #2

A kiosk or surrounding with the possibility of an unexpected encounter, Digital film & text, 3 min, 2019

We attach value to a shop. The shop has expanded to all realms of our society, physically and digitally. It is open everywhere selling everything all the time. Goods and services. A never-ending flood that is difficult to escape.

We attach value to flowers. Flowers are an aesthetical experience. Buying flowers is an irrational act, a sensory experience thatassists to mark time, place and relations. To enjoy, honor or in memory of.  Or to exist beyond the flow of the flood.

We attach value to art. Art is not meant to be on sale. It questions. Disturbs, distorts or embrace. It offers something you did not expect that you would or could appreciate. Maybe it is part of the flood.We dive in to build new identities, or to maneuver, in relations, in space, or online.

We attach value to objects. We frame and develop emphatic relations to them. We take them in. Make them ours. Make themsomething personal. Although they are mostly dead things.

We attach value to surroundings. Mostly when theyoffers us unexpected encounters that stimulate or surprises us, as humans. Or when we find inspiration or pleasure in their character. We recognize the living, the plants, the flowering.

We attach value to the spatial. A spatial value defined by architecture, and nature. A shed, a shop or scene open for change.Where everybody or everything can enter or leave all the time. Where the flow is not only commercially defined, but by something public, the social, orsomething natural, growing beyond the rational. Emphasized by song of a black bird.

We attach value to the public. Where people may meet, gather and dissolve into something bigger, or a commonly experienced phenomenon. It may be the beauty of something passing by, a community, or a close encounter of the alien that demand a reflection on empathy or acceptance.