LANDSCAPE STORYTELLING - seminar, book launch & film screenings

London, 33 Finsbury Square - Monday Jan 13th 15.30 - 22.15

Cavalcade. 2019. 5 min, digital film. Johann Lurf

Landscapes are rich emergent envelopes of material and immaterial qualities that require capturing for further thickening.

Filmic and photographic approaches embed strong sensorial experience and narration for portraying these entanglements, influencing not only the way landscapes are shaped but also how humans and living organisms are shaped by their engagement with both landscapes and film as mediums of experience and emergence.

Landscape Storytelling aims to explore, test and discuss such exchanges between site, [audio] visual research methods, humans and living organisms. We ask: how can visual and audio-visual records of global landscapes that embody storytelling bring together productive exchanges and artistry between the qualitative readings of our forests, gardens, rivers, oceans, towns, cities, factories and businesses with quantitative environmental research data?

The event welcomes landscape architects, architects, filmmakers, photographers, archaeologists, biological fiction writers, environmental scientists, climate change activists and all interested in our ecological present, past and futures.

The event includes the book launch of Architecture Filmaking (edited by Igea Troiani and Hugh Campell) which investigates the ways in which architectural researchers, teachers of architecture, their students and practicing architects, filmmakers and artists are using filmmaking uniquely in their practice. Copies can be bought for a special price at the event.



15.30               ‘The Chernobyl Fox & the Surroundings Lab’ Associate Professor Rikke Munck Petersen University of Copenhagen &

Director Marc Boumeester, University of the Arts ArtEZ

16.00               ‘Form and Performance: the intersection of urban and ecosystem designSusannah Hagan,

Emeritus Professor of Architecture, University of Westminster

16.30               ‘Critical and Clinical Cartographies’ Associate Professor, Andrej Radman, TU Delft 

17.00               Coffee break

17.30               ‘Telling stories in the urban landscape’ Professor Fred Truniger, Luzern University of Applied Arts

18.00                Event break



19.30              Landscape Storytelling & Architecture Filmmaking intro by Professor Hugh Campbell University College Dublin &

Professor Igea Troiani Xi’an Jiatong-Liverpool University

19.45               'Landscape as Protagonist & the Cinema Architecture initiative', PhD Fellow Renzo Sgolacchia University of Venice

20.45              Coffee & book sale

21.15               ‘RECONNAISSANCE' (2012), 'A to A' (2011), 'EMBARGO' (2014) and 'Cavalcade' (2019),

filmscreenings by filmmaker Johann Lurf incl. Q&A with Rikke Munck Petersen

22.15               End of seminar