Josephine Michau

Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx)
Festival director & co-founder

Josephine holds an M.Sc. in Business and Philosophy from CBS in 2002 with graduates to Sorbonne, Paris and the University of Copenhagen. She has worked with cultural dissemination, distribution and production since her departure in the publishing industry, visual arts, documentaries and architecture, primarily in Denmark. She founded the documentary platform DOXBIO with Marlene S. Rasmussen in 2010 and CAFx with Mads Farsø and Peter M. Rasmussen in 2014 and has served as the festival's director since its inception, including management, administration, finance, program development, marketing and communication strategies, execution and - partnerships.


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Hongxia Pu

University of Copenhagen
PhD fellow

Hugh Campbell

University College Dublin
Professor of Architecture

Corne Strootman

The École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage in Versailles
EMiLA fellow

Andrej Radman

Delft University of Technology
Assistant Professor of Architecture Theory

Morten Meldgaard

Institute for Building, Landscape & Planning, School of Architecture, Royal Danish Academy of Arts
Associate Professor, PhD, Director

Sofie Stilling

University of Copenhagen / Copenhagen Architecture Festival
PhD Fellow

Kristen Van Haeren

University of Copenhagen
PhD Fellow

Heidrun Holzfeind

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts (guest teacher)
Artist and filmmaker

Renzo Sgolacchia

School of Doctorate, IUAV, University of Venice
PhD Fellow

Marc Boumeester

AKI Academy of Art and Design, ArtEZ University of theArts

Igea Troiani

University South Bank London, UK.
Professor and Head of Division for Architecture

Rikke Munck Petersen

Section for Landscape Architecture and Planning, University of Copenhagen
Associate Professor

Mads Farsø

WSP Danmark
Chief advisor

Pernille Maria Bärnheim

Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx)
Program and Partnerships
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